How to: Calculate Total & Average from Excel 2013 (Video Demo)

Excel contains a lot of mathematical formulas through which we can calculate, analyse & graph them for better results. So, today I am showing a small demo made by me to calculate Total & Average from Excel 2013:

If you are unable to view this video here then please check it out on:

How to: insert Shape & give No Fill

Shapes are one of the essence in a Presentation especially when it comes to show a flow chart or some process. Even though Shapes can be used to show different objects. Some of the most common shapes used are: Circle, Triangle, Square etc.

Shapes in PowerPoint 2013 can be added from ‘Drawing’ option in ‘Home’ tab.

Shapes in Drawing option under Home Tab

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Give business ‘rainbow’ with magical Office 365!

When business is on your mind with all the possibilities we think of the tool called Office which gives productivity with hike. While thinking more often implementing of a dream business we face a lot of issue with collaborating all among at once place. So, Office 365 gives the best solution that caters the all business needs.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers the whole Microsoft Office Suite stream live online which give relief for not to install Microsoft Office on any machine because that time the browser itself live stream Office, the same way we use to work traditionally on Microsoft Office Continue reading

New & Improved PowerPoint Web App

With the new version on Microsoft Office 2013, WebApps on Skydrive were also upgraded which will give you freedom to share, create & edit files from anywhere anytime. But this time you will get those features which will make you more productive. So, PowerPoint WebApp has so much new to do now which wasn’t possible in earlier stage of it. Even though working together with PowerPoint WebApp gives it full marks to increase efficiency & accuracy.

PowerPoint WebApp

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Eyedropper a new innovation from PowerPoint 2013

For creating a good professional look presentation ti should have color scheme and make sure that the various elements in the presentation are of same color which bind them all as a theme and gives consistency. So, PowerPoint 2013 has introduced a new and quite handy feature which is EyeDropper that makes color matching by to the different elements with in a click. Even though through Eyedropper you can catch variety colors not only from slide but from websites as well.

Introduction to Eyedropper one of the best features in PowerPoint 2013

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How To: AutoRecover Unsaved Presentation Files in PowerPoint 2013

Sometimes we lost our presentation on which we were working on because of sudden close of PowerPoint application, power cut off or battery gone off. So that time worry is more on the data and progress which was there. So, there is a way in Microsoft PowerPoint from where you can actually recover the whole file on the last moment where you left it. In very easy steps: Continue reading

Microsoft TechDays India, Noida at Amity University

Microsoft TechDays India are the premier series of event which is covering 50 cities in India for Windows 8 where ideas will be converting into apps. With the power of new Windows Style & easiest developer platform Visual Studio 2012 makes the task done. With this Microsoft TechDays India got hit into Delhi/NCR at Amity University, Noida on 26th October, 2012 where we got a lot of information about Windows 8 as OS and it’s developing processes, platforms & full of demos which were helping all the Delhi-ites to get there app build easily with accuracy. Continue reading

How to: give Gradient outline on a text in PowerPoint 2013

Outlining of a text is something which we should take care on much. As text is the most common and most important part of any PowerPoint presentation you should give it in a better filling way. So, today in this post I’ll be describing you on how you can give Gradient Outline on a text in PowerPoint 2013. Continue reading

Tips for how to make your Power Point presentation effective

  • Organize your presentation in a logical  and appropriate fashion. At the start, present a “road-map” that will let audience members know how whole presentation will progress.
  • Take care that you present only specific and concise points in your presentation.So that you can very well explain them verbally to make the audience understand your topic.As slides are just the part of presentation.
  • Make use of Graphics and Animations.As images is a efficient way to convey your message so keep your images as simple and understandable.Keep graphs and charts simple which should include all the necessary details and must have all information up-to -date.
  • Make use of color,style,align.
  • Link your slides to websites, video clips,article and any other online stuff which makes your presentation effective as per the requirements.
  • Ask questions and quiz out audience knowledge in between to be interactive and building audience interest throughout.Pose a question and build a momentary tension that let your audience stew a moment before moving to the next slide with the answer.
  •  Explain One topic at a time.
  • Practice your presentation so that it looks that you are knowledgeable and you can answer any question of audience.
  • Finally Dress properly to enhance your personality,Show your own interest in the topic so that listeners can understand why they should be interested too,Be confident and energetic and just rock your presentation. ;)